Site Objective

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, seems to be ramping up the number of emails that he sends to all employees that are eventually leaked to the press. Often these emails contain information that some would consider to be materially relevant to the stock price. As the number of these emails grows exponentially, it seemed like a good idea to capture as many of them as possible and store them in a single place.

8/27 2019 Update

Based on some #TSLAQ feedback the site look and feel has been updated. There is no new information on the site* it has simply been reorganized for ease of navigation. The new site will be organized into 3 sections listed below. The most recent update will remain on the home page so that visitors can immediately see the last time the site was updated. Past updates will be moved to the “Historical updates” section.

*That is not 100% true, some dates have been updated to include the year.

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