Historical Updates

The most recent update is contained on the home page so that visitors can quickly see the last time the site was updated. Past updates are archived here for historical reference.

5/7/2020 Update

There was another email released by Valerie Capers Workman on May 7st regarding Freemont Operations resuming. It has been added to the site.

5/7/2020 Update #2

In addition to the Valerie Capers Workman email, Elon Musk also sent out a short email that has now been captured and added to this site.

5/1/2020 Update
There was another email released by Valerie Capers Workman on May 1st. In some stories she is referred to as in-house council and in others ‘Tesla’s human resources boss’. I do not know what the correct title is so I am using each interchangeably.

Additionally, I missed an email from Mar 19th also from Valerie which has been added to the site.

4/8/2020 Update
There is a new email regarding pay cuts due to COVID-19. It has been captured and stored here.

4/5/2020 Update
The site has now been migrated to a new hosting company. Due to my limited web skills, that took much longer than it should have. So, a lot has happened during the migration. Specifically, there has been a new production press release, investor letter, and some leaked email fragments regarding COVID-19.

1/29/20 Update
Before the earning call tonight, I revisited the financial information on this page and found that I had not done the Q4 production update. It has now been added.

12/05/19 Update
Electric has obtained another Musk email. They have not posted the entire email. The parts that they have posted are provided here

12/05/19 Update2
I just found the full email at Business Insider. The previous page has been replaced with the full email.

10/23/19 Update
The Q3 2019 Investor Letter is now live and is posted here

10/2/19 Update
The Q3 2019 Production PR is now live and is posted here

9/26/19 Update
Earlier today I posted a few updates based on the limited excerpts I had. I can now do a final update as the full email has been released on Business Insider. So, the Sept 26th, 2019 page has been updated with the full email text. Today’s previous updates have been moved to the ‘Historical Updates’ Section of the page.

9/26/19 Update

Apparently there is another leaked email. As of right now I can only find excerpts of the email at Electric. I will be trying to get the entire email so that I can post it here.

I have spent the last 30 min trying to find a site that has the entire email with no success. So, I have decided that I will include the two excerpts from the email at the following page: Sept 26th, 2019 [Link disabled once the page was moved to ‘Historical Updates’]


The following email has been added to the ‘Emails and other Tesla communications’ page under the Sept 26th, 2019 update. It is included here for convenience.

<Begin Email Update>
Email Topic: Production and Deliveries

Source: https://electrek.co/2019/09/26/tesladelivering-record-cars-quarter-elon-musk-leak-email/#disqus_thread

Additional Disclaimer: I was unable to find a site that has reported the entire email. What is being reported here are the excerpts that I could find as of 2:10 PM on 9/26/19. If I find the entire email I will post it here.

Email Text:

Excerpt 1
We have a shot at achieving our first 100,000 vehicle delivery quarter, which is an incredibly exciting milestone for our company!

Excerpt 2
The challenge is making sure that we have the right car variants in the right locations and rallying as much as our company resources as possible to help with the end of the quarter deliveries.

<End Email Update>

8/27/19 Update

Based on some $TSLAQ feedback the site look and feel has been updated. There is no new information on the site* it has simply been reorganized for ease of navigation. The new site will be organized into 3 sections listed below. The most recent update will remain on the home page so that visitors can immediately see the last time the site was updated. Past updates will be moved to the “Historical updates” section.

*That is not 100% true, some dates have been updated to include the year.

8/5/19 UPDATE

There was a CNBC story about a new Anti-Fraud department. That story linked to an email dated June 18th, 2018 that I didn’t have here. The site has been updated with the newly discovered email.

7/24/19 UPDATE

Q2 2019 earnings were released earlier today. The site has been updated with the investor letter.

7/10/19 UPDATE

According to Bloomberg there is a new leaked email from Tesla. This one comes from Jerome Guillen, Automotive President for Tesla. I have not included it here because as of 7:58 AM EST I have not found the full text of the email. Until I find the full email text reported on a reputable site, I am not going to include it here.

7/2/19 UPDATE

Q2 2019 has just ended and we expect Tesla will release the quarterly delivery numbers followed by the Investor Letter. Comparing the current quarter to past quarters can be important to some investors so the investor letters and production press releases since Q1 2018 have been published here. As is the case with every other thing published here, they are presented without commentary or analysis.