Historical Updates

The most recent update is contained on the home page so that visitors can quickly see the last time the site was updated. Past updates are archived here for historical reference.


There was a CNBC story about a new Anti-Fraud department. That story linked to an email dated June 18th, 2018 that I didn’t have here. The site has been updated with the newly discovered email.


Q2 2019 earnings were released earlier today. The site has been updated with the investor letter.


According to Bloomberg there is a new leaked email from Tesla. This one comes from Jerome Guillen, Automotive President for Tesla. I have not included it here because as of 7:58 AM EST I have not found the full text of the email. Until I find the full email text reported on a reputable site, I am not going to include it here.


Q2 2019 has just ended and we expect Tesla will release the quarterly delivery numbers followed by the Investor Letter. Comparing the current quarter to past quarters can be important to some investors so the investor letters and production press releases since Q1 2018 have been published here. As is the case with every other thing published here, they are presented without commentary or analysis.